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How to cleanse, programme and energise crystals.

This is a guide on how to cleanse, programme and energise crystals.
I will tell you about three ways how to cleanse crystals
and three ways on how to energise them.
There is only one way to programme a crystal.
The first thing you do after buying a crystal from
a shop is to cleanse it.
Cleansing crystals:
1: Smudging

Above: Sandalwood cone.

Above: Crystal in Sandalwood smoke.

Smudging is my favourite way of cleansing a crystal.
You need an incense stick or cone, they are
nearly the same thing except the cone is smaller.
The best types of incense are sandalwood and pine
for the cleansing of a crystal, I use sandalwood
because it gives off a very nice smell and in my opinion
is the best for cleansing.
You light the incense and when there is smoke you
take your crystal and hold it in the smoke
for about 20-30 seconds or for as long
as you feel it should be in the smoke.
When you are finished with holding it
in the smoke your crystal is cleansed!
2: Salt Water
Salt water can damage some types of crystals,
please look on the internet or in a book if
your crystal could be damaged
by salt water before using this method of cleansing.
You can fill a bowl with water mixed with salt, and
make sure that your cyrstal is fully submerged and
leave it there overnight or for 24 hours.
If you think your crystal has absorbed a lot
of negative energy you can leave the crystal there
for about 2-3 days.
After you have cleansed the crystal you need to wash
away any remaining salt and flush away the water
you cleansed the crystal in because it has absorbed all the
negative energy.
3: Using other crystals
Some crystals have the ability to cleanse other crystals
You can place a tumbled carnelian in a bag
with other crystals and leave for about 24 hours
and your crystals will be cleansed.
Just make sure that the crystals you
are using to cleanse other crystals are
You can place a crystal on a citrine cluster
for about 24-48 hours and it will be cleansed,
and you don't need to cleanse the citrine
cluster after it cleanses other crystals because
it does not absorb negative energies.
You can use amethys and quartz clusters as well but
you will need to cleanse them after you have used them.
I would recommend using a citrine cluster to cleanse
other crystals because you won't have to cleanse it.
Energising Crystals:
1: Sunshine and Moonlight
You must check online or in a book if your
crystal will fade in sunlight, if it does fade do
not use this method of energising.
You leave your crystals on the window sill
for a about 24-48 hours, day and night.
The sun gives a stronger energy and the moon gives
a very gentle energy.
When it has been about two days, you take your
crystal off the window sill and it is now energised!
2: Water
You need to check if your crystal can be safely put in
the water, because some crystals may be damaged in water.
You let tap water go into a glass and you place your
crystal in the glass while the water is running
from the tap.
You leave the glass under the running tap water for about
 20-30 minutes, and after that you take out your crystal and it is
energised as well as cleansed!
3: Physical Contact
This is a very quick way of energising crystals
and it is my favourite.
You take your crystal into your hands and you can
rub the crystal with the palms or your hands or do
whatever you want with it
Programming Crystals:
You programme your crystal right after you have
cleansed it.
First you need to dedicate you crystal, here
is an easy way to do it.
Hold the crystal in your hands,
picture light surrounding it or go in
front of a light source and say out loud
"I dedicate this crystal to the highest good of all,
may it be used in light and love".
To programme your crystal you need
to hold it as well.
Hold the crystal and consider the purpose for which
you want to use the crystal for.
You need to be specific, if you are seeking healing,
say precisely for which condition and what
you want to happen.
Ensure that this is exactly the right crystal for the purpose!
When you are sure of what you want to programme it
for, say out loud:
"I programme this crystal for [your purpose]".
It would be good to hold your crystal about
2-4 times a day, carry it in your pocket or put
it under your pillow.
I hope I helped!

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