Tuesday, March 17, 2015

How to choose your personal stone

This is a guide on how to choose
your personal crystal/gemstone.
There are a lot of crystals to choose from,
you can choose a crystal
from a zodiac sign, randomly
choose one or even just
buy one if you like the way it looks!
Here are four ways on how you can choose a crystal:
1: Randomly choose one.
You can choose a crystal or gemstone randomly
by putting some crystals into a bag
and then taking one out without looking,
if you don't like the crystal try taking
a different one from the bag again.
Or you could have cards with the pictures
or names of the crystals and shuffle them
and you could pick out a random card
and again if you don't like
the crystal try taking a different card.
2: Pick one by your zodiac sign.
You can pick one by your zodiac sign.
Here is a list of crystals and zodiac signs, it will
tell you which crystals are the best for your zodiac sign.
Aries: Ruby, Diamond.
Taurus: Emerald, Topaz
Gemini: Tourmaline, Agate
Cancer: Moonstone, Pearl
Leo: Tiger's eye, Amber
Virgo: Peridot, Sardonyx
Libra:Sapphire, Opal
Scorpio: Topaz, Malachite
Sagittarius: Turquoise, Amethys
Capricorn: Jet, Onyx
Aquarius: Aquamarine, Amethyst
Pisces: Moonstone, Amethyst
There are more stones for the zodiac signs and you
can find them in a book about crystals or online.
3: Pick one by the way it looks like.
You can go online or into a shop and look at the crystals
and buy one that you think is the most nicest.
There are a lot of crystal shops online,
you can simply just type "buy crystals"
into Google and you will get a big list of online shops.
4: Pick one by it's powers.
You can pick a crystal by it's powers.
For example, if you have deep fears you can use Prehnite.
There are a lot of crystals to choose from, so it
might take you a while to find the right crystal.
My personal stone is Citrine :)
I hope this helped you and stay in tune for my
next post about how to cleanse, programme and energise crystals.

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  1. Dominik-I'm impressed...very interesting post,and as you know I also started to love cristals because of you:)